Cage Setup


We will be happy to purchase the entire cage setup for you, so you have a gerbil and its house ready to go when you pick it up! We understand money can be tight and will always try to find the cheapest and most effective things we can. We purchase what we feel is in the best interest for your gerbils. Feel free to be as specific as you like when it comes to which items you want. And let us know if you already have a cage or some of the accessories below so we don’t buy what you already have!

We also do not recommend housing gerbils in wire cages. They do look cute and gerbils have lots of fun in them, but the plastic accessories get chewed on, and plastic could get lodged in their throat and be fatal. So we prefer to house gerbils in glass aquariums. You are more than welcome to purchase one for your gerbil, but it is advised that you choose a glass aquarium.  Please let us know if you would prefer a plastic water bottle over a glass water bottle, as these are usually much cheaper ($7 vs $12). There is a small chance your gerbil may chew holes in the plastic and you would have to buy a new one as the water will drain out.

A pet store receipt will be provided for you, simply pay the total listed along with a $15 shopping fee. This covers fuel cost and labor for buying the appropriate items and setting up your cage for you.

We will shop for you and purchase these standard things:
Please note that all prices listed are only averages.
-10 or 20 gallon tank ($15 or $30)
-Aquarium tank lid ($10 or $15)
-Small bag of bedding ($9)
-Small bag of gerbil food ($5)
-Running wheel ($13)
-Ceramic food dish ($5)
-Glass water bottle ($7)
-Metal water bottle holder ($5)
-A hut or house for security ($5 to $15)
Total cost: $74 – $104