Hassle free introductions! Have a gerbil that needs a friend?

If you purchase a gerbil from us, it must be the same gender as the gerbil you currently have. It is not advised to just place a new gerbil in with another gerbil they have never met before. A fight will break out, and bad injuries could result from the fighting, worst case scenario a gerbil or both could even die from this method of introductions. We will pair your gerbil with the gerbil you select from us using the split cage method. A wire divider is placed in the center of a tank and the gerbils spend 1-2 weeks getting to know each other, depending on the temperament of each gerbil. Afterwards, you can pick up your old gerbil, and the new one you selected, and they will be ready to live together in their cage at your home! Please email or call us to discuss pricing and availability.